Kariobangi Women Promotion Training Institute

-Comboni Sisters’ Project -


Nairobi, Kenya


Our Project

Kariobangi Women Promotion Training Institute runs by the Comboni Missionary Sisters, since 1992. KWPTI is a non-profit oriented training school situated in Kariobangi North, Nairobi, Kenya.

Kariobangi is an area with a very high percentage of youth who are idle and in search of ways of getting an income. Among these youth are young women who easily get manipulated for implementing unfruitful activities that not only affect their dignity but also foster insecurity. We offer them the possibility to access education by offering a holistic training in;

  • Catering
  • Hairdressing & Beauty
  • Dressmaking Grade III & II

In addition, the training women receive spiritual and human formation to instill positive values and attitudes that help them to cope with the labour market. Counseling is part of our program to help women to discover and liberate their potentials while they reconcile with their past.

So far 77% of our former students are employed or self-employed and are able to support their life and families. Every year we are striving to make this percentage higher by continuously improving our courses to reach the institute goal.

Our Goal:

K.W.P.T.I. goal is to reduce the unemployment rate of the Institutes target group through education. Employed and self-employed young women are less likely to engage in risky and/or illegal activities and are capable, through legal and dignified means, to procure for themselves and provide for their children basic human necessities, housing, food, health care and education.


To instil in our beneficiaries theCan Do Spirit” by providing vocational training skills that are relevant in their environment, and human formation that empowers them to compete and endure in the challenging labour market they face after completing the training.

Target group:

The project targets young women who are class eight leavers and cannot afford secondary education, form four leavers with low grades and school dropouts living within Kariobangi North parish. They are young women who either have no means of supporting themselves or have parents with low income earners and cannot afford formal education.

Our Motto:         Can Do Spirit”




This is an introductory level course designed for trainees who have no previous experience in Catering. The trainee is instilled with skills in the major aspects of food production and hotel operations including large scale food production, small scale food production, food and beverage service, and housekeeping in order for the trainees to gain access to opportunities for self-employment or formal employment in restaurants/hotels.

Hairdressing and Beauty

This is an introductory level course, an art where trainees are equipped with skills of a hairdresser, beautician and therapist. It is designed for trainees who have no previous experience in hairdressing, beautician or therapy. Our objective is to impart the trainees with practical and theoretical skills in these fields in order for them to gain access to opportunities for self-employment and employment in the non- formal and formal sectors and to prepare them for relevant external examinations such as Kenya’s National Industrial Training Authority Grade III.


This is an introductory one year course for those who do not have experience in Dressmaking. Trainees are introduced to the sewing machine and other tools, learn how to cut and stitch dressmaking, patterns and by the end of the course they are able to draft and sew African fashion dresses for women and children. Tie & Dye and Machine Embroidery are also part of the subjects taught. Although at the end of the course they sit for the Government Trade Test Grade III (National Industrial Training Authority, former D.I.T) the syllabus is broader in view of meeting the expectations of future employers. Several former trainees are currently working in different markets, a few are self employed.

Dressmaking Grade II   

This course is for those who have sat for the Government Trade Test Grade III (National Industrial Training Authority, former D.I.T) and wish to further their studies to a higher level in dressmaking. Those with working experience can sit for D.I.T Grade II and I examinations. In this course trainees advance their experience moving towards more complicated designs such as suits, wedding dresses always with African touch. Tie & Dye and Machine Embroidery are also part of the subjects taught. Former trainees are currently working in various markets and boutiques.

Tie & Dye Shop

The sustainability of KWPTI in the past was based on donations received by various parishes and friends. Due to the economic crisis these offerings have greatly reduced, thus we are traing to increase income generating activities such as the production of Tie & Dye goods.

This is a result of the creativity, hope and courage of the staff and the trainees that are doing their best to support and improve the situation of our young women through the sale of our goods and covering the salaries of part of our staff members.


Currenlty we continue to participate in various expositions in Nairobi as well as to welcome all visitors who come to our small shop located within the institute. Te shop has Tie & Dye products produced by our staff an trainees. The same initiative is being shared with the catering department whereby we are trying to see how we can involve the trainees to offer the catering services towards boosting the budget as well as their own school fees.


In our Tie & Dye Shop we provide unique and exclusive designs of hand made Tie & Dye products such as:

-Tie and Dye Table Clothes of various sizes and colours with and without serviettes

-Tie and Dye Kangas (material with fringes) of various sizes

-Bags made of Tie and Dye and African designs materials in various colours and designs

-Tie and Dye Rappers in various sizes and colours

-Tie and Dye Dresses

-Tie and Dye Shirts and T-Shirts in various format and sizes

-Tie and Dye fabrics sold by metres


NB: Articles can be made upon request 

Our Tie & Dye Products are all of them colourfast and made of Cotton.


For more information please contact:

Archdiocese of Nairobi, Kariobangi Women Promotion Training Institute

P.O. Box 16644-00620, Nairobi, Kenyan

Tel: 254 (0) 02 2113016

Mobile: 254 0725 291085



Visit us at:

Kamunde Rd, off Outering Rd, within the compound of Holy Trinity Catholic Church compound

Kariobangi North